Google Analytics Dashboard in Tableau and its benefits

Google Analytics Dashboard in Tableau and its benefits

Jan Watermann


Google Analytics is an impressive tool for recording and analyzing the traffic of your website. When you see how comprehensive Google Analytics is, it just seems logical that understanding every part of your websites data is a difficult task. Long-term users will know that traffic monitoring via Google Analytics can be advantageous to optimize the presentation of their website and to attract more people in the long term.

Why you should use a Google Analytics dashboard in Tableau?

However, the functionality of Google Analytics has limitations. While Google Analytics allows you to create a personalized dashboard, it does not provide flexibility to change the way your data is presented. Thus, specific analyzes are not simple enough for some users and require previous knowledge in the evaluation of data.

Especially when it is about analyzing websites with a bigger amount of traffic, the Google Analytics web interface can reach it's limits.

Ponychart is build with proven bricks of technology

Users of Google Analytics must often deal with data that may not be relevant to their respective website. The tap „Insights" allows selecting the aspects that users are interested in. This will help to create the dashboards that are important to their business. However, young companies in particular often do not have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the diversity of Google Analytics. The question new users mostly struggle with is which data is essential for their business and which is not.

Using Google Analytics insights to individualize your dashboard

Using Tableau to create a Google Analytics dashboard

With Tableau, Google Analytics can generally be used more efficiently. Tableau provides several options to make Google Analytics analytics easier to understand. It offers to create a dashboard according to a ones wishes. That way users don't have to adapt to the way your data is displayed, but their dashboard is going to adapt to them. It really doesn't matter if a company is working regionally or internationally. Tableau consultants can show every business from which cities their website visitors come from and how effective a companies marketing is.

Once you decided to hire Ponychart to extend Google Analytics for you, we would ask for your exact requirements. If you have no idea which website data is relevant to your business, we can also advise you on it. You can then choose in advance when you would like to receive your dashboard by e-mail. We are also happy to let you know once traffic milestones are achieved, in case you want to get notified.

The Ponychart Google Analytics Dashboard

Why using Google Analytics is important for your business

We've so far seen that many companies do not study their website traffic data at all. Often smaller companies are not aware of what's happening on their website. However, anyone who uses a blog or other marketing tools should definitely know about how people reach their website. That's the only way to tell how effective marketing channels are in acquiring customers. In general, one should not act blindly in any aspect of marketing. If you spend money on Facebook ads, for example, you should know how well they work in are addressing your target group. The installation of Google Analytics is very simple anyway. Here, for example, the entry into Google Analytics is described quite well.

If you are a newcomer to Google Analytics, we are happy to handle the entire process of installing Google Analytics for you. So all you need to do is tell us which aspects are most relevant to your product. Afterward, we will send you regular email alerts and help you build a better understanding of your website.

New customers can use our Ponychart Platform under free of charge for seven days. The trial membership includes not only our basic version but also the creation of a custom dashboard by one of our data analysts.